I carved and built this clock entirely by hand in my living room, still think it’s the best one. Anyone know whom I’m pointing at? @veronicavarlow

What IS Madame Mournington’s Secret? She doesn’t drink…tea. So…what’s in the cup? Find out tonight… #worlddominationthroughtea

Sir Edward’s Choice! Up this week at the Emporium… Chamomile roasted chai with orange…for those quiet moments when the Inmates stop screaming…

I’m going to be one of those pathetic people who posts photos of what they’re eating under the mistaken assumption that anybody cares. But you do care. Or you will. Because I’ve gotten gluten-free, almond flour quiche crust DOWN and I want to share my recipe with you. #glutenfreeasylum

Recording the voice of Dr. Stockill, listening to Scavenger, and packaging the New TEA! Asylum Signature Blend. #teaisnaturemagic #worlddominationthroughtea

Breaking from #asylumaudiobook to create Asylum Signature Blend, black tea, rose petals, chocolate, cinnamon, almond, vanilla beans…in the shop soon! #teaisnaturemagic #worlddominationthroughtea